Dry ridge and verge systems have been introduced by companies such as Marley, Klober, Manthorpe and others. They have been especially designed to make roofs mortar free and in time maintenance free.

PVC dry verge offers the ideal solution to block gaps that would allow birds or large insects to enter the roof space. It is a nice looking edging to any roof in either slate or tile and it requires no maintenance. It is easily fitted to all kinds of buildings to cover all kinds of gaps, to replace decayed mortar or stop any falling debris. They are used on both new buildings and existing roofing systems. The units are available in different colours: blue, black, brown and white. Clay and concrete verge tiles are also available. These are similar to the PVC dry verge systems, but the gable end tile has a finish which comes over the gable end.


Dry verge systems require no special maintenance for over 10 years if installed correctly with eave closures and cap ends.