Cure It, the GRP (glass reinforced plastic) Flat Roofing System we generally use, is a fully-formulated, wet-laid GRP waterproofing system which comes with a 20 year warranty. This modern product is highly flexible and is fully-bonded to the roof structure. This roofing system is completely resistant to any wind uplift that could be expected during the product’s life span.

The Cure It waterproofing system is widely used waterproofing applications of almost any size or complexity. This Flat Roofing System has different kinds of finishes, such as nonslip surfaces and it is available in a wide range of colours. For this reason GRP is an increasingly widespread and convenient alternative to well-known, previously used traditional roofing systems.

GRP (glass reinforced plastic) is the technical name for “fiberglass” as it is commonly known. It was originally developed in 1938 for use in insulation. The application of Fibre Glass roofing system is really straight forward. It is highly durable so it is commonly used in various applications in a number of industries.  Being strong, waterproof and extremely functional, GRP (also known as FRP, fibre reinforced polymer) offers the ideal solution for various applications such as roofing systems.


GRP roofing system requires no special maintenance and comes with a 20 year warranty. Occasionally the surface may need simple cleaning just for aesthetics.