As a company, Leeds Roofing Services, we carry out all kinds of re-roofs – from industrial buildings and residential houses to porches and small outdoor buildings. As professional roofing contractors we use both traditional and up to date methods.

Slate re-roofs: Slate is a natural roof product. It is slightly more expensive than various kinds of artificial materials, like concrete tiles but has a greater life span and is remarkably durable. The expected life span of slates is approximately 75 years as compared to as little as 12 years for artificial products such as concrete tiles. Slate always retains its natural colour even in UV light. It is completely water resistant and stands the test of time. Certain Welsh slates, if installed to quarry specification, can be issued with a 100 year guarantee. Welsh slate is immensely popular and is commonly used in roofing throughout the UK. Welsh slate is generally considered to be the finest slate in the world. It has been used for a long time on all kinds of buildings and houses. Welsh slate is considered to be the toughest natural slate product ever known, as it has the longest life span when compared to any other slate. It is available in a wide variety of colours. When carrying out re-roofing in Leeds we often find that the existing slates are in perfect condition and re-use these on our re-roofs to replace broken or unusable slates on the roof. We recommend this type of slate for all our clients. Some roofing contractors carry out re-roofing or roof repairs by using cheap alternatives such as Spanish or Chinese slates which has lower quality and shorter life span. 

Tiled re-roofs: Tiles are artificial substitute for slate. They were originally formed as a cheaper alternative to using slates in roofing all kind of buildings. There is a wide variety of concrete and clay tiles available. Several suppliers offer interlocking and double lap tiles, and the cost generally varies from tile to tile. These tiles are usually machine made. Due to highly developed concrete tile technology tiles have different colours and finishes. Some reproduce the appearance of slate and other traditional roof cover.

There are also traditional reclaimed tiles which can be hand crafted, like plain tiles, French Gaelic Tiles or Pantiles. These are commonly used in Leeds area, so our company is also specialized in roofing with traditional tiles.


Tiled roofs have a life span of 50 years and need little maintenance, if installed correctly. With tiles you can also install dry verge and Ridge systems which make the roof mortar free.

Slate roofs can last 75 years or more and need little maintenance, if installed correctly.